Shark Week starts on Friday!

Shark Week is

Curtis Hayes – MC
Ben Mitchell – Guitar/Vocals
Luke Mitchell – Drums
Steve Burrell – Bass/Vocals

a rock/hip hop/reggae band formed in February 2010 and located in Oshawa/Toronto, Ontario they have a distinct sound and energy. For fans of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime, Dirty Heads, illScarlett, Down With Webster and many more

I first had the pleasure of seeing these guys in Kitchener on the Don’t Stop Us Now tour with I’ve Got Gloria and Halfway to Hollywood with local support from Keep The Change. A tour put together by Lance Ryan and Break Loose Entertainment.

This is their Wake The Neighbours Tour in support of their new EP Fire on the Beach now available on iTunes (Click Here) This tour (also a Break Loose Entertainment presentation) should prove to be better than the last.

The tour starts on Friday the 19th in Oshawa at the Moustache Club moves to Toronto on the 20th and the 21st, Hamilton on the 26th Kitchener on the 27th and London on the 28th.


You can get ticket for the show in your area from Ticket Scene visit the page here. Do me a favour if you are buying tickets for the Kitchener show when asked for a Name put or add KTC as Keep The Change will be playing with them again at the Kitchener show and you might just get a free T-shirt or CD. Tell your friends about the tour, Some of these re intimate shows with a band that is about to take off, a chance that may never come again.

The above tune is a free download, also check out the track Tidal Wave off their Nobody Famous EP, I couldn’t post it here as a stream. Peace out.


#BlackFrameSpectacle New Single

New Single from one of my favourite bands The Black Frame Spectacle as they post “The Vow” said to be the first of 4 new songs they have recently recorded (Pun Intended?).

The Black Frame Spectacle are

Ian Sullivan- Vocals/Guitar
Adam McNeill- Drums/Backing Vocals

yup that’s it, just the two of them.

I first came across these guys when my son started out back in 2010/2011.  Say what you will about the Supernova organization but it was….(and a I guess still is as it has receded but not gone) a great place to find new music and for a band to get started.  These guys threw support behind my kids band through the site and other social media.  I was blown away by their support for new artists and the amazing sound they brought to the stage with just the two of them.  Bitter sweet from their early 2011 release The “Grady Sessions” was the track that got me interested in their music.  

Ian’s vocals and voice control make it an addictive listen that never gets boring. The album was followed up Just over a year later with 

Grady Sessions II 

Including Bust out Boogie


They have been spreading their music throughout South Western Ontario and growing their fan base. Recently winning over enough fans at UWO to take home the CHRW battle of the bands.

Keep it rocking guys!  I am looking forward you keeping the vow and releasing next three!

Catch them at this years Lachie Fest Ontario’s biggest outdoor camping and music festival. Canada Day Weekend June 27-29 @ Cayuga Speedway, Hagersville, ON. Tickets on sale now

Find Black Frame Spectacle 

on facebook

and on YouTube

Safe as Houses – One to watch

Safe as Houses is an alternative-folk band from Kitchener-Waterloo 

I have had the pleasure of seeing these four musically gifted gentlemen four times along with Keep The Change in the past year and oh my have they grown.

Elliot Anton – Vocals, Guitar
Bensen Carter – Bass, Cello, Vocals
Andrew Laughton – Guitar, Vocals
Thomas Laughton – Drums, Vocals

Their music follows in the footsteps of Mumford & Sons, with orchestral arrangements big builds that when they are on their game (and they usually are) will leave you with goosebumps. Just over a year ago they released their debut album Sink My Boat available on itunes

For a first attempt I give them kudo’s on the work, If you find it is not what you expected…. If you thought it would be more, keep in mind that a band that plays and practices regularly will only improve. The album does not do justice to what you will experience when you see these young lads live, particularly if you are listening to it on tiny speakers with a tinny sound.

Recently they made it through to the National Top 20 on CBC Searchlight If you get a chance to see these guys live, preferably in a pub or a lounge with good acoustics I’m sure you will be blown away.

Here is a recent article from the Guelph Mercury

@_SafeAsHouses_ Keep up the great work Guys!

Looking forward to the next release!