Attica Riots Getting Ready to Release

So about a year and a half ago I came across a band while trolling for new music. I came across this Video published a few months before

I was totally blown away, wanted to know more: who they were, when they would be playing a show in my area etc… well it wasn’t that simple.

Turns out Dave, Kyle, Anders Erickson three brothers from Winnipeg have been playing the scene for well over a decade. I Dug deeper and the short lived YouKnowIKnow monicker was preceded by the Name Inward Eye.  They got there first big recognition opening for the WHO back in 2006 as Inward Eye.

The followed up with a Tour with Burlington’s own Finger 11 in 2007

Constantly writting and touring the band

In 2012 They again hit the spotlight at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010

Why had I not heard about them before? They have played CMW many times but  tied into a contract with well known Record Company that for the last 8 years basically refused to release their music they were left to DIY sharing new streams but nothing that I could Buy. They have changed their sound and name over the past few years in an effort to appease the powers that be into releasing something. Doesn’t matter to me what name these guys go by as their talent far outweighs the need to know.


That being said they have added Bobby Desjarlais to their line-up and now go by the name Attica Riots. They have just returned from recording in LA.  Soon to be free from their previous label I am looking forward to them releasing their new album and throwing some support their way.

You can stream some of their new music on their SoundCloud.

find them on FaceBook

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Burlington Indie Music Night

Burlington Indie Music Night

Burlington Indie Music Night

Tuesday night Burlington kicked off it’s first Indie Music Night at The Dickens Pub on Elizabeth Street.  This is something that I have been hoping to see ever since I moved here.  Burlington is a hotbed of musical talent with limited opportunity to showcase your chops.  Ben Rispin of Burly Calling has stepped up to the plate again along with Chuck Coles of the Organ Thieves and thrown together the first month of acts.  I say first month as the plan is that if this is successful it will become an ongoing production till Death due us part.   If last night is any indication the program is off to a great start. Chuck got things started with an amazing acoustic performance.  I have always been a fan of the Organ Thieves

and it was great to see Chuck in such an intimate setting.  Chuck will be hosting the event every Tuesday going forward changing things up by having locals join him for a few tunes to warm up the crowd for the evenings feature band.

Last nights feature band was Burlington’s Penske File.  As you all know I am a huge fan and last night they did not disappoint.

Playing many favourites , I was glad to catch these guys again before they explode and move onto the next level which they are more than ready for.  The entire evening was … wait for it …..Free! Thanks to the Dickens Pub, and sponsors Burly Calling and Piston Head Lager and Sailor Jerry Rum it will continue to be Free every Tuesday night.

Upcoming feature bands are

September 16th Beautiful Nothing (Genre Alt Rock,) Burlington/Toronto

September 22nd Voltang (Raunchified and shredded sounds of beer-flavoured rock’n’roll) Hamilton

September 30th Aitch (Genre Acoustic Rock) Burlington

Share this with everyone you know and get the word out.  It’s success is dependent on Us and will only succeed with our support!

To Keep abreast of upcoming acts follow me on twitter as I will continue to promote it or better yet follow one of these on twitter



If you would be interested in playing come down hang out on a Tuesday and chat up Chuck.


Canada’s Next Folk Legend?

I spend my hobby hours scouring through new music on various sites. When I find good music I share it through Facebook, Twitter Soundcloud etc… When I find amazing music I reach out to find out a little more information. A few months back I came across Dylan Turner aka Whale Eye. I was delighted by his sound and needed to know more! My initial search for info on his backstory drew many a blank. So I reached out to learn a little more about him. We played a little back and forth as he has been quite busy. By now many more have more than likley introduced to him through his recent flurry of deserved appearances at the many ongoing summer music festivals. So if you too are curious then here are a few tidbits I found out.


JimmyWould love to share a little about you, would you be interested in answering some questions over the next few days? if so here would be round one. If you want to include Pictures with replies that would be cool too…..So I have searched the web and found very little about you. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. Who What Where When Why How?


WhaleEyeHey Jimmy! I’d love to! I’ll get back
to you with your answers ASAP!

Who: Whale Eye (Dylan Turner)

What: Musician, Folk/Rock Singer Songwriter

Where:Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Canada

When: I started this project a little over a year ago & I just released my debut EP

Why: To find happiness

How: With a guitar, my voice, & my brain (sort of)


JimmyFor someone who has such refined talent you must have been playing for some time, when did you start playing?


WhaleEye I first picked up the guitar in grade eight. I must’ve been 12 or 13. I didn’t really play it much until a year later when I started singing. I never really had an interest in music before that.


Jimmy My family has a musical background, nothing professional, it’s just that my Dad came from the days before TV (at least in his house) and entertainment was sing along around the kitchen table so he would probably be my biggest influence, not in the style of music I play but why I play. Who or what would you say in your life was the biggest influence, the one that got you to follow your musical path?


WhaleEye Many people, artists, & instances have had an extreme impact on my life & on my music. It’s very difficult to narrow it down to the “biggest” one. I would say that one of the most recent ones would be a friend of mine that asked me why I played music. My first answer was something she thought to be satisfactory, “Because I want to make people happy.” She pointed out that I should make music to make myself happy & I shouldn’t need to worry about what anyone else thought; I agree with her. Her advice dramatically changed my perspective on how I write music.


Jimmy Your EP is amazing and I find it hard to believe that this is your first kick at the can. Have you played with any bands in the past and if so where can we find any of your
earlier work?


WhaleEye Thank you very much! I really appreciate the kind words! This is my first try at writing music entirely by myself & in this particular style. I played in a couple of alternative rock bands before I started Whale Eye, so this is something completely new for me. Waterbodies ( is still kickin‘ it as a three-piece & I am loving their new sound. As Above, So Below ( was my high school band & consisted of songs I wrote in my mid-teens. I have spent time in various cities so far in my life, living in Ottawa, Vancouver to name a few,

Jimmy I see you are based out of Niagara, is Niagara where your roots are or have you settled there from somewhere else? ie, where has life’s road taken you.


WhaleEye I was born in Toronto, but raised in Niagara. I love Niagara, but think it’s time for something different fairly soon. I plan to move to Toronto before the end of the year. I lived in Melbourne, Australia for eight months last year & I am already missing the city life. Thanks again for the interest, my friend 🙂 please lemme know if you’d like anything else!!!


Jimmy Round 2 sorry for the delay…. So I went and checked out some of your older music and I must say you have reason to be proud. There has been a definite improvement through the years but even your High School band’s recordings were great quality. Where do you normally record and how involved are you in the recording process?


WhaleEye You are definitely very generous with your compliments. Thank you! Each recording has been an incredibly unique experience, but each time I’ve involved myself as much as possible. I love composition; it’s probably what I love most about music. Seeing the songs come together in the studio is always exciting.


Jimmy. Went and checked out Waterbodies… again, impressed!. As you mentioned they are continuing to play and might a say with some great success. It would seem to me you still have a great relationship with the guys as I have noticed you have been on the same bill with them over the past few months. When you are on the same bill do you ever get up and play with them?


WhaleEye Yes, in fact I got the chance to make an appearance with them on stage at SCENE Festival this year. It was great to share the stage with those guys again as they are all incredibly talented musicians. Hopefully again sometime in the future!


Jimmy I must say congrats on your recent success i.e. scenefest and rock 102.1 top 20 next best thing and you seem to be landing gigs on a regular basis these days. How easy/hard is it for you to get shows, and what is your favourite venue to play?


WhaleEye I work two full time jobs & try to gig on my days off as often as possible (which leaves very little time to actually book the gigs themselves). Erik & Tim over at IndoorShoes
as well as a few friends have been more than helpful with landing me some spots on some really fun shows. I can’t say I have a favourite venue… yet.


Jimmy Many musicians indulge in more than one art form such as photography, painting, etc… Is this also the case with you?


WhaleEye I love cooking & I’ve always had a passion for the marriage of wine & food. It’s knowledge that I believe I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

JimmyNow for the cheese aka speedround Are you a cat or dog person?

WhaleEye I love all animals, but dogs hold a special place in my heart.

Jimmy What is currently number one on your playlist?

WhaleEye Tove Lo – Habits

JimmyWhat band would you like most to see in the very
near future?

WhaleEye Queens of the Stone Age

Jimmy If you could collaborate with anyone
who would it be and why?

WhaleEye Anyone better than
I love learning.

Jimmy Coffee or Tea?

WhaleEye Depends on how tired I am.


Jimmy What is next for Dylan? Where do you hope to be and what do you hope to be doing 1,2,3,4,5 years from now? …. How can fans help?


WhaleEye We’ll see what happens. I’m not dead set on what I am doing right now. Maybe someone can convince me otherwise. My only definite plan is to make music that I am proud of.


Jimmy You can support Dylan by buying his album on Bandcamp Click Here. You can also show support by liking his Facebook Page and following on Twitter If you want to follow me that would be ok too! 🙂


On September 30, 2008 The Harold Family, friends and the Welland community lost someone special and dear to them. Owen Patrick Harold “The young bass player who loved music… was a dedicated environmentalist…a one-of-a-kind friend …who ..had a beautiful outlook on life” lost his life in a car crash in at the age of twenty two.

In 2009 to keep the memory of their beloved son/brother/friend alive, many of those close to him decided to put together a tribute concert dubbed “Ownenpalooza”. This was to be a festival of music done as eco friendly as possible (two of Owens many life passions) to celebrate his life and memory with proceeds going to a Scholarship in his name at Notre Dame College in Welland. The tribute has become a tradition and turned into an annual event.

The Owen Harold Memorial Scholarship (OHMS) recognizes a Notre Dame Catholic High School student in their final year of grade twelve studies, who demonstrates active engagement in their community and evidence of a strong commitment to leadership and improving the state of the world. The Scholarship board chooses a well-rounded, dynamic individual who shows enthusiasm toward learning both in and out of the classroom, demonstrated compassion and integrity toward others, and who serves as inspiration to those around them. Of particular focus were secondary students interested in issues dealing with human rights, various social, legal, and political institutions, ethics and social justice, or environmental issues.

For more on the Scholarship visit

Since its inception the event has seen such artists as Ron Hawkins, USS and Hollarado. This year the lineup includes Xprime, Jessica Wilson, Whitney Pea, Ivy Coast, Bratwurst Days, The Balconies and Rural Alberta Advantage.

Tickets for the July 26 concert are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m. Proceeds from the 19+ event will benefit several charity initiatives including the Owen Patrick Harold Memorial Scholarship at Notre Dame.

Visit the event FB Page

#BlackFrameSpectacle New Single

New Single from one of my favourite bands The Black Frame Spectacle as they post “The Vow” said to be the first of 4 new songs they have recently recorded (Pun Intended?).

The Black Frame Spectacle are

Ian Sullivan- Vocals/Guitar
Adam McNeill- Drums/Backing Vocals

yup that’s it, just the two of them.

I first came across these guys when my son started out back in 2010/2011.  Say what you will about the Supernova organization but it was….(and a I guess still is as it has receded but not gone) a great place to find new music and for a band to get started.  These guys threw support behind my kids band through the site and other social media.  I was blown away by their support for new artists and the amazing sound they brought to the stage with just the two of them.  Bitter sweet from their early 2011 release The “Grady Sessions” was the track that got me interested in their music.  

Ian’s vocals and voice control make it an addictive listen that never gets boring. The album was followed up Just over a year later with 

Grady Sessions II 

Including Bust out Boogie


They have been spreading their music throughout South Western Ontario and growing their fan base. Recently winning over enough fans at UWO to take home the CHRW battle of the bands.

Keep it rocking guys!  I am looking forward you keeping the vow and releasing next three!

Catch them at this years Lachie Fest Ontario’s biggest outdoor camping and music festival. Canada Day Weekend June 27-29 @ Cayuga Speedway, Hagersville, ON. Tickets on sale now

Find Black Frame Spectacle 

on facebook

and on YouTube

Fresh off A Massey Hall Record Release @Timber_Timbre get ready for early summer tour

Timber Timbre is a Canadian folk music project, featuring Mika Posen, Simon Trottier and Taylor Kirk. The moniker refers to an early series of recordings made in a timber-framed cabin set in the wooded outskirts of Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

They have recently released an official video for their song Curtains?! from their new album Hot Dreams available now on Arts & Crafts and available on iTunes


A&C088 – Hot Dreams

Release Date: April 1, 2014
Hot Dreams, Taylor Kirk’s third full length for Arts & Crafts, is Timber Timbre from its most vivid cinematic vantage. Kirk and collaborator Simon Trottier daub vibrant colour across the band’s ever-evolving palette, connecting arid western to plodding horror with the pomp of Hollywood phantasm.

Hot Dreams caches the hollow grey tones of Timber Timbre (2009), and the angular doo-wop haunt of Polaris Music Prize Short Listed Creep On Creepin’ On (2011) in smoothed, viscous tonality: new sonic admissions, chiming sensuality and caprice, neon and haze.

Beat The Drum Slowly
Hot Dreams
Bring Me Simple Men
Resurrection Drive Part II
Grand Canyon
This Low Commotion
The New Tomorrow
Run From Me
The Three Sisters


The Band takes it on the road this summer with US and Canadian dates.

06/03/14 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour
06/05/14 San Francisco, CA The Independent
06/07/14 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
06/08/14 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
06/10/14 Vancouver, BC The Commodore Ballroom
06/12/14 Edmonton, AB Starlite Room
06/13/14 Calgary, AB The Republik
06/14/14 Saskatoon, SK Broadway Theatre
06/16/14 Winnipeg, MB Union Hall
07/02/14 Paris, FR Cite de la Musique Days Off
07/04/14 Vida, ES Vida Festival
07/06/14 Lyon, FR Festival Nuits De Fourviere
07/10/14 Bologna, IT Bolognetti Rocks
07/12/14 Liege, Belgium Les Ardentes Festival
09/18/14 Ottawa, ON National Arts Centre
09/19/14 Montreal, QC Metropolis Theatre
09/20/14 Quebec, QC Le Cercle


Who is @IvyCoastBand

Ivy Coast is a band rooted out of Fonthill a community in the small town of Pelham, Ontario,  located in the centre of Niagara Region.

The Band is made up of

Greg Mashinter: Co-Lead Vocals, Guitar,Keys
Manny Pagotto: Lead Guitar, Aux percussion
Cole Warner: Bass, Accordion,Aux percussion,Keys
Christina Rome: Violin,Keys,Vocals
Brent Fuller: Drums
Jane Baker: Co-lead vocals, Acoustic guitar

Ivy Coast is an evolution from a project started in 2012 by Greg Mashinter. Greg went from being a solo artist to putting together a stage band with High school buddies Manny Pagotto and Cole Warner and Clayton Peters a bud from Laurier University.   Known as the Greg Mahinter Band and self described as a Canadian 4-piece band that combines old time folk with an alternative rock sound. Themes of suffering, pain, joy and personal experience echo strongly through the music.

The Greg Mahinter Band released their first ep  “Between Classes” 

in March of 2013 with great rhythms and harmonies. Although the ep is listed as Alternative Folk on Band Camp,  if asked to classify their genre I would definitely say they fall under the indie banner. Genre is so subjective and to classify a band that has so much talent and versatility would only limit the audience they may be exposed to. They later added Christina Rome on Violin,Keys,Vocals.

The Band played many shows throughout the golden horseshoe prior to and in support of the new EP.

The EP is available for live streaming on BandCamp as well as available for Purchase. Check it out below, well worth it.

Shortly after ep’s release the band decided to change it’s name

from a facebook post on May 3rd


Dear friends,

Over the last few months, we’ve re-assessed the ideology behind our sound, our live performance, and the way we write music. We’ve also added a new member to the line-up in the form of Christina Rome (violin, vocals). Finally, there’s been a major shift in our individual and collaborative musical styles. For all these reasons, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to give this project a new name: Ivy Coast. This will more appropriately represent the band as a collective entity and allow us to start on a fresh page moving forward. 

We hope that you, our friends and fans will embrace this decision and continue to support us in our musical endeavours. You can help us by following this link and liking us at our new Facebook page:

We hope to see you all at our next shows at the Freeway Café on May 16th in Hamilton with Cardinals, and at Mansion House on May 30th in St. Catharine’s with Daniel Wesley.


Ivy Coast is Manny Pagotto, Greg Mashinter, Cole Warner, Clayton Peters and Christina Rome”

The band has seen some line up changes since the may 3rd posting and has just finished their Debut album under the new Name and are now grabbing the attention of the industry and media alike Here is a recent clip from CHCH Live Music Fridays.

Stream the album from Soundcloud