Holy Smokes is right.

London/Burlington/Niagara band Holy Smokes is primed to release their Debut 5 Track EP on Aug 4th 2017. Who is Holy Smokes You ask?  The Band consists of Jake Dunning, Alex Hamnett and Sam Old.

Now Available!

Holy Smokes big debut was at the Burly Calling 10th Anniversary Festival in December of 2016,  opening for Burlington’s heavy hitters Say Yes. They were for some festival goers the “best surprise of the weekend”.

In January the boy’s hooked up with Mr. Chuck Coles of The Organ Thieves and The Creepshow to Record and Produce their project.

Still a little hung from New Years they headed up to Halo Recordings in Hamilton to record some drum tracks with Roman Marcone and the crew on January 2nd.


Sam, Jake and Alex of Holy Smokes @Halo Recording in Hamilton.

Drum tracks complete, the band decided to continue the project at Halo.

In the meantime both London and Burlington music scenes began to take notice. They have played gigs in both cities along side the likes of Big Lonely, The Kerouacs and Stuck on Planet Earth while making moves into the Toronto scene playing with Manshun and the Ticks.

They recently played their first US date when James Hall of The Penske File invited them to play Vehicle City Fest II in Flint Michigan.  The Festival is  bringing attention to Flint’s water crisis.  Jake said that it was an incredible experience and that most bands donated any monies made to play to the cause.

A bit about the boys.

Q&A with Holy Smokes Alex Sam Jake
1. Where were you born? Born and raised in Burlington ontario, Oakville, Ontario Vancouver
 2.where did you grow up?  Burlington Oakville Vancouver/London/Burlington
3. Where did you go to high school?  Burlington central high school, St. Thomas Aquinas – Oakville Notre Dame Burlington
 4. Where did you go to post secondary school? Fanshawe college for music industry arts, Niagara College Niagara College for Horticulture
5. Most of my friends currently live in… Most of my friends currently live in London Ontario, Most of my friends currently live in London and Oakville  Burlington, London, kitchener, Niagara.
 6. How did you meet? Jake and I met at the dickens open mic, jake introduced me to Sam, I met Jake in college having a cigarette and I met Alex when I picked him up for our first show.  Met Alex at Chuck Coles open mic at the Dickens in Burlington. I met Sam in college.
 7. What did you want to be when you grew up answer from when you were five.  I wanted to be a pro basketball player when I was five lol, I wanted to be a professional hockey player.  Spiderman
8. What is your favourite food? Chinese or Mexican food The spiciest chicken wings you can find.  TACOS
 9. What is your favourite album of all time? favourite albums are revolver, nonagon infinity, and the satanic satanist Bayside – Self titled  Record in a bag- Hollerado
10. What is number one on your current playlist number one on playlist is probably sleep drifter by king gizzard, New Found Glory – Ready and Willing  Higher power-Dirty Nil
11. What is the fifth picture on your phone of? No cheating. A shore juniper  Sam drinking beer
12. Favourite movie?  favourite movie maybe death proof. Limitless  Napolean Dynamite
13. Dream band to open for? dream band to open for the murlocs, Weezer  Hollerado
 14. What kind of music did your parents listen to? my parents were heavily influenced by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, a lot of mowtown too, Motown and classic rock The Clash and Van Morrison
15. How do you take your coffee? I take my coffee with one milk and one sugar DD Large Double Double is there any other way?


Jake is former front man of Pop Punk band Don’t Tell My Mother FNA Keep The Change.  He has been a member of the Southwestern Ontario Music Scene for 6 years and still has a couple of days before he leaves his teenage years behind him.  He released a solo acoustic album last year called Naked which can be found on itunes and Spotify.

Alex is a former member of Harm and Ease in Buenos Aires Argentina. A transplanted band from Burlington ON.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwvrchPKlKU

Sam fronted a metal band called For Higher Ground out of Oakville Ont. https://www.facebook.com/forhigherground/


Holy Smokes is Playing July 26th at the Dickens in Burlington https://www.facebook.com/events/199187167276137/   and on Aug 4th at Club Absinthe in Hamilton. https://www.facebook.com/events/288704278202661/

If you would like to nominate Holy Smokes or any other band for the Burlington Music Awards click here

All songs written by Jake Dunning with the exception of Take me home written by Alex Hamnett
Cover Design by Aidan Kenny
Recorded at Halo recording Hamilton
Engineered by Roman Marcone and Corey Stevens.
Produced By: Roman Marcone and Chuck Coles
Mixed by Rusty Carriere. Mix assist by Roman Marcone.
Mastered By: Nick Burt
Additional vocals provided by Zack McVannel and Matt Peruscello
Additional Guitar Chuck Coles
Reproduction and printing by B.A.M, Productions Canada

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