Attica Riots Getting Ready to Release

So about a year and a half ago I came across a band while trolling for new music. I came across this Video published a few months before

I was totally blown away, wanted to know more: who they were, when they would be playing a show in my area etc… well it wasn’t that simple.

Turns out Dave, Kyle, Anders Erickson three brothers from Winnipeg have been playing the scene for well over a decade. I Dug deeper and the short lived YouKnowIKnow monicker was preceded by the Name Inward Eye.  They got there first big recognition opening for the WHO back in 2006 as Inward Eye.

The followed up with a Tour with Burlington’s own Finger 11 in 2007

Constantly writting and touring the band

In 2012 They again hit the spotlight at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010

Why had I not heard about them before? They have played CMW many times but  tied into a contract with well known Record Company that for the last 8 years basically refused to release their music they were left to DIY sharing new streams but nothing that I could Buy. They have changed their sound and name over the past few years in an effort to appease the powers that be into releasing something. Doesn’t matter to me what name these guys go by as their talent far outweighs the need to know.


That being said they have added Bobby Desjarlais to their line-up and now go by the name Attica Riots. They have just returned from recording in LA.  Soon to be free from their previous label I am looking forward to them releasing their new album and throwing some support their way.

You can stream some of their new music on their SoundCloud.

find them on FaceBook

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