On September 30, 2008 The Harold Family, friends and the Welland community lost someone special and dear to them. Owen Patrick Harold “The young bass player who loved music… was a dedicated environmentalist…a one-of-a-kind friend …who ..had a beautiful outlook on life” lost his life in a car crash in at the age of twenty two.

In 2009 to keep the memory of their beloved son/brother/friend alive, many of those close to him decided to put together a tribute concert dubbed “Ownenpalooza”. This was to be a festival of music done as eco friendly as possible (two of Owens many life passions) to celebrate his life and memory with proceeds going to a Scholarship in his name at Notre Dame College in Welland. The tribute has become a tradition and turned into an annual event.

The Owen Harold Memorial Scholarship (OHMS) recognizes a Notre Dame Catholic High School student in their final year of grade twelve studies, who demonstrates active engagement in their community and evidence of a strong commitment to leadership and improving the state of the world. The Scholarship board chooses a well-rounded, dynamic individual who shows enthusiasm toward learning both in and out of the classroom, demonstrated compassion and integrity toward others, and who serves as inspiration to those around them. Of particular focus were secondary students interested in issues dealing with human rights, various social, legal, and political institutions, ethics and social justice, or environmental issues.

For more on the Scholarship visit Owenpalooza.com/Scholarship

Since its inception the event has seen such artists as Ron Hawkins, USS and Hollarado. This year the lineup includes Xprime, Jessica Wilson, Whitney Pea, Ivy Coast, Bratwurst Days, The Balconies and Rural Alberta Advantage.

Tickets for the July 26 concert are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m. Proceeds from the 19+ event will benefit several charity initiatives including the Owen Patrick Harold Memorial Scholarship at Notre Dame.

Visit the event FB Page https://www.facebook.com/events/345148588933025/


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