Who is @IvyCoastBand

Ivy Coast is a band rooted out of Fonthill a community in the small town of Pelham, Ontario,  located in the centre of Niagara Region.

The Band is made up of

Greg Mashinter: Co-Lead Vocals, Guitar,Keys
Manny Pagotto: Lead Guitar, Aux percussion
Cole Warner: Bass, Accordion,Aux percussion,Keys
Christina Rome: Violin,Keys,Vocals
Brent Fuller: Drums
Jane Baker: Co-lead vocals, Acoustic guitar

Ivy Coast is an evolution from a project started in 2012 by Greg Mashinter. Greg went from being a solo artist to putting together a stage band with High school buddies Manny Pagotto and Cole Warner and Clayton Peters a bud from Laurier University.   Known as the Greg Mahinter Band and self described as a Canadian 4-piece band that combines old time folk with an alternative rock sound. Themes of suffering, pain, joy and personal experience echo strongly through the music.

The Greg Mahinter Band released their first ep  “Between Classes” 

in March of 2013 with great rhythms and harmonies. Although the ep is listed as Alternative Folk on Band Camp,  if asked to classify their genre I would definitely say they fall under the indie banner. Genre is so subjective and to classify a band that has so much talent and versatility would only limit the audience they may be exposed to. They later added Christina Rome on Violin,Keys,Vocals.

The Band played many shows throughout the golden horseshoe prior to and in support of the new EP.

The EP is available for live streaming on BandCamp as well as available for Purchase. Check it out below, well worth it.

Shortly after ep’s release the band decided to change it’s name

from a facebook post on May 3rd


Dear friends,

Over the last few months, we’ve re-assessed the ideology behind our sound, our live performance, and the way we write music. We’ve also added a new member to the line-up in the form of Christina Rome (violin, vocals). Finally, there’s been a major shift in our individual and collaborative musical styles. For all these reasons, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to give this project a new name: Ivy Coast. This will more appropriately represent the band as a collective entity and allow us to start on a fresh page moving forward. 

We hope that you, our friends and fans will embrace this decision and continue to support us in our musical endeavours. You can help us by following this link and liking us at our new Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/IvyCoastBand.

We hope to see you all at our next shows at the Freeway Café on May 16th in Hamilton with Cardinals, and at Mansion House on May 30th in St. Catharine’s with Daniel Wesley.


Ivy Coast is Manny Pagotto, Greg Mashinter, Cole Warner, Clayton Peters and Christina Rome”

The band has seen some line up changes since the may 3rd posting and has just finished their Debut album under the new Name and are now grabbing the attention of the industry and media alike Here is a recent clip from CHCH Live Music Fridays.

Stream the album from Soundcloud 


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